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Areas Visited: Cairo, Nile River. (2009)

Egypt is a country rich in ancient history and massive pyramids and archeological sites. Tourism is very much alive here and itís easy to visit the archeological sites or museums. It can be very inexpensive for tourists with caution. The Egyptian economy is based upon low wages being supplemented by gratuities. Everywhere you go and for providing the smallest levels of assistance, someone always has their hand out looking for a gratuity. This can be very annoying and makes you very suspicious of peopleís intentions. And although it may be free to sit on a camel to get your picture taken, there is a charge to get off the camel.

Cairo is a very large, dirty, noisy city. Take great care when crossing the street as cars often ignore traffic lights and assert their priority over pedestrians.

It is very hot, but not humid.

I recommend visiting Egypt to see the Great Pyramids of Giza and the tombs at the Valley of the Kings near Luxor and to take a relaxing ride down the Nile in a felucca.


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