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South Africa

Areas Visited: Johannesburg, Cape Town and Greater Kruger National Park. (2008)

South Africa is a beautiful country that is rapidly changing. It is still a relatively inexpensive place to visit and it provides many affordable options for things to do or see. Although apartheid is gone, the country is still segregated economically between white and black. There is also a lot of crime so itís good to exercise great care, especially at night. The people are very friendly and although English is one of several common languages, it is the most dominant language. South Africa is one of my favorite countries that Iíve visited.

I recommend visiting South Africa to go on a wildlife safari in Greater Kruger National Park, learn about South Africaís history with apartheid in Johannesburg and nearby Soweto and to visit beautiful Table Mountain and see the penguins near Cape Town.


South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe (November 22-December 8, 2008)