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My Adventure at Iditarod XXXI (2003)

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  • Saturday, March 1st
  • Wednesday, March 5th
  • Saturday, March 8th

    Pre-Race Activities

  • Communications Meeting
  • Idita-rider: Eat Lunch with Musher          (Pictures)
  • Mushers Banquet          (Pictures)
  • Dinner at the Sourdough          (Pictures)

    Race Day

  • Pre-race
  • Lachlan Clarke
  • Idita-ride          (Pictures)
  • Remainder of Day’s Activities

    The Next Few Days

  • Attempt to Go to Fairbanks
  • Portage Glacier and Whittier

    Ruby, Alaska

  • Checkpoint Responsibilities
  • Musher Stories
  • Checkpoint Stories
  • Galena Checkpoint


  • Answering Zuma’s Email
  • Computer Room