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My Adventure at Iditarod XXXIV (2006)

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Below are 5 slideshows I put together of my 473 pictures I took at the 2006 Iditarod.

Pre-Race in Anchorage (March 4, 2006)
It was great because security didn't kick me out. I was behind the scenes until around 9:20 AM.

Ceremonial Race in Anchorage (March 4, 2006)
I watched the dogs go by about 4 miles down the trail, about 50 yards before the "Muffin Feed." I got lost in leaving the downtown area and ended up at the University to the west of the trail. I had to run over a ridge and across a soccer field in order to make it to the trail about 5 minutes before the first mushers went by. By the way, I got a picture of every musher except #63 Ben Valks. I pushed the wrong button on my camera and we went by too quickly to correct my mistake.

Pre-Restart in Willow (March 5, 2006)
Many mushers/trucks/dogs I can't identify.

Restart in Willow (March 5, 2006)
I had a plane to catch so I had to leave before the end. I only got pictures of mushers #2 (Lori Townsend) through #69 (Hans Gatt).

Other Pictures (March 3-5, 2006)
And why would someone want to ride a ferris wheel when it's 20 degrees?