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Yukon Quest 2005

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Yukon Road Conditions

Daily Journals

All pictures are taken with my low-quality 640 kb video camera. Sorry about the poor quality but this is the the best I can do for getting pictures on here quickly.

Note: You've probably noticed that all the pictures that contain a lot of snow have a blue tint to them. I have two theories: (1) The snow makes the picture very bright and the digital camera is adjusting and causing the blue. (2) Blue has either the longest or shortest wavelength of visible light and is being reflected by the snow. This is similar to why the sky is blue.

Northern Lights photos are up! Click here to view them.

February 10th - 12 AM
February 10th - 8:30 AM
February 10th - 11:15 AM
February 10th - 4:45 PM
February 10th - 8:45 PM
February 11th - 9:30 AM
February 11th - 1:00 PM
February 11th - 3:30 PM
February 11th - 9:45 PM
February 12th - 9:45 AM
February 12th - 12:15 PM
February 12th - 4:00 PM
February 13th - 3:15 AM
February 13th - 2:30 PM
February 13th - 10:45 PM
February 14th - 12:45 AM
February 14th - 8:45 AM
February 14th - 10:45 AM
February 14th - 8:30 PM
February 15th - 8:00 PM